Strömsholm Palace

The Palace

Much of the décor at Strömsholm Palace is in the Gustavian style. It was created for King Gustav III's wife, Queen Sofia Magdalena, who was given the palace as a wedding gift. The interior decoration was directed by architect Carl Fredrik Adelcrantz.

The interiors at Strömsholm Palace are largely Gustavian in style.

They were created for Gustav III's Queen Sofia Magdalena, who received the palace as a wedding present. The interiors were designed by architect Carl Fredrik Adelcrantz.

Today, the queen's bedchamber is a prime example of Swedish interior design from the start of the Gustavian era. The Chinese dining room with its fabric-covered walls with Chinese style paintings done by the renowned tapestry painter Lars Bolander are just one of the many fine things to see at Strömsholm.

The palace also houses an important collection of Swedish paintings from the 1600s, amongst others David K. Ehrenstrahl's paintings of Karl XI's horses.

The palace is open to the public during the summer months and for group visits booked in advance all year round.


Drawing room of the Crown Prince's Bedchamber, with its wallpaper and wooden flooring. The fixtures on the lower floor were fitted between 1766 and 1774. Photo: Dick Norberg/

The Queen's Bedchamber in the Gustavian style. Photo: Dick Norberg/

The Hall of State with its portraits of King Karl XI and horses. Photo: Dick Norberg/

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Much of the décor at Strömsholm Palace is in the Gustavian style. It was created for King Gustav III's wife, Queen Sofia Magdalena, who w...

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